Impeachment Conviction?

Senator Lamar Alexander – TN (R) announced last night that he will be voting no for witnesses and additional documents in the impeachment hearing of Donald J. Trump. Mitt Romney – UT (R) and Susan Collins – ME (R) have both announced that they will vote yes for witnesses and additional documents. And at the time of this writing we are still waiting on Lisa Murkowski – AK (R) to arduously pour over her “binder and a half of notes” (before she announces her decision). Deja vu anyone?

The name Kavanaugh keeps ringing in my ears. These are basically the same Senators whose decision we were waiting on during the Kavanaugh hearings. Those of us who believed that he was unqualified to sit on the highest bench of the land we’re hoping, waiting, praying that they would make the correct decision.

And here we go again. Here we go waiting on the same people who have disappointed us time and again. Here we go again waiting for people, who are our ideological opposites, to ride in on their white horses to stand on our side. We know that we don’t have their support when it comes to tax bills, or military spending, or women’s rights, or voting rights, regulation, the environment, minority rights, civil rights, or any other progressive idea that is core to our agenda. So it begs the question why we believe that a minority of the majority will save the day now?

I have had conversations with people who voted for Trump with what they believed were the very best of intentions. They honestly believed that he would build the wall, drain the swamp, raise GDP to 6%, and all of the other fantastic promises that he made on the campaign trail. When I ask those same people if they would make the same decision with all of the information that they have today, almost to a person they respond in the affirmative. “He’s better than Hillary” or “all politicians lie” or some other intellectually lazy response.

And that brings me back to the Senators. Because Republican Senators know that Donald Trump’s supporters are unwavering in there cultish support of his maniacal management, they (Senators) remain feckless sycophants. They obsequiously acquiesce to every drop of bile that drips from Donald Trump’s mouth lest they find themselves on the wrong end of a grammatically incorrect, misspelled, and mispunctuated tweet.

Political pundits watch in horror as they pronounce their premonitions that these politicians will be punished posthumously. They chide these pusillanimous politicians about unkind words in their future obituaries that they will never read. That (pundits say should) motivate them to think of their places in history as they cower in their palatial offices.

The pundits are far too generous. We can’t get voters to remember from one election cycle to the next. So let us remember one thing above all else. Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office today, or tomorrow, or next month. He is going to remain in office because Republicans are not going to hold him accountable for his misdeeds. That makes it all the more important for us to make sure that this November, whether your favorite Democrat gets the nomination or not, we hold Trump accountable.

One thought on “Impeachment Conviction?

  1. Just a thought: To accept passively an unjust system is to cooperate with that system; thereby the oppressed become as evil as the oppressor.
    Stride Toward Freedom. p. 212


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