Democratic New Hampshire Primary

At 5:45 P.M. CST with 1% of the vote reporting the top six candidates were:

Amy Klobuchar 30%

Bernie Sanders – 15%

Elizabeth Warren – 15%

Andrew Yang – 11%

Joe Biden – 7%

Pete Buttigieg – 7%

At 6:15 P.M. CST with >1% of the vote reporting:

Bernie Sanders – 29%

Amy Klobuchar – 26%

Pete Buttigieg – 20%

Elizabeth Warren – 11%

Joe Biden – 8%

Tulsi Gabbard – 3%

Finally at 6:45 P.M. with 5% of the vote reporting:

Bernie Sanders

Pete Buttigieg

Amy Klobuchar

Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren

The top three ended the night in that order.  Buttigieg has truly exceeded expectations in the first two states.  However, Buttigieg is not going to be able to repeat his performances from Iowa and New Hampshire in Nevada and South Carolina. You can read more about how the demographics of Iowa and New Hampshire helped Pete Buttigieg’s campaign in those states here.

At 7:21 PM Andrew Yang ended his campaign, and at 7:35 PM Michael Bennett ended his campaign.  This is a good thing. We need to start narrowing the choices for Democratic so that this becomes the binary choice that it will ultimately be in November. 

Bernie Sanders got the most votes last night. I would argue that last night’s winner was Amy Klobuchar with her third place finish. Listening to her speech to her supporters last night, she talked about how no one thought she would make it this far. She’s correct!  

The looming question about the top three winners from last night is about electability. Democrats are extremely enthusiastic about removing Trump, and we are overdue for a one term president ie.: Carter and Bush. 

This race is going to look very different after Nevada and South Carolina. 

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