Bernie Voters: Don’t Want Trump? Vote Biden

If you liked Obama…It’s super Tuesday again and the voters have spoken…again. At 10:11 PM CST:

Florida – Biden +39 (final count TBD)

Illinois- Biden +23 (final count TBD)

Arizona – Biden +13 (final count TBD)

Ohio – suspended by the Republican Governor

Delegate count

Biden – 1124 (final count TBD)

Sanders – 815 (final count TBD)

The votes are not totaled yet and Biden is up 300+ delegates 

Was the vote down due to the Coronavirus?  Yes. Would the vote have been different if we weren’t in a national emergency?  Perhaps. Does Bernie’s Medicare for all make sense in times such as this? Absolutely. Did Trump handle this emergency in a timely fashion?  No.  

This is not a choice between the leader who is the lesser of two evils. Who is better between Biden and Sanders?  That answer depends on your political ideology. You can choose between the two and make an honest choice. You will choose Biden or you will choose Bernie. 

Who is the better choice between Biden or Bernie and Trump?  The answer whether the Democratic representative is Biden or Bernie is whoever wins the Democratic nomination. But either of those choices is orders of magnitude better than Trump. 

This isn’t the time to discuss the crime bill from the 90s and who wrote it. This isn’t the time to discuss if Biden is cognitively challenged. This isn’t the time to debate if the DCCC stole the election. This isn’t the time to discuss Medicare for all or the public option. This isn’t the time to debate progressive or centrist. 

Trump is an existential threat to democracy, the world order, global liberalism, and the United States’ world leadership in the 21st century. Trump’s retarded response to the Coronavirus is exactly why we are in the position that we are in right now. Donald Trump is the virus. 

What is a virus?  A virus destroys without thinking about the damage done to the host.  A virus consumes everything in its path and doesn’t stop to think that when its destruction is complete, that if the host dies it dies.  

Trump is a parasitic infection that is destroying its host – democracy. So if Bernie wins, fine. If Biden wins, fine. We can’t be distracted by the both sides argument. We cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into a sense of complacency by the “both sides lie” presentation. 

Both sides are not the same. One side has surrendered to the ID of a megalomaniac. One side is full of sycophants. One side prizes power of a party above the supremacy of the country in which it resides. One side is beholden to a kleptocracy that eviscerates everything in its path.

This is to the Bernie voters.  Joe Biden is more than 50% of the way to the delegates he needs to win the nomination.  If Bernie was winning right now, you would be on a high. You would be celebrating in the streets.  You would be telling everyone in the Democratic party to get over it and accept the decision of the people.  You would be denouncing the DNC and warning them not to usurp the will of the voters at the convention. You would be telling everyone that the only thing that matters is beating Donald Trump in November  

I say the same to you right now.  The majority of voters have spoken.  Biden is the presumptive nominee. We cannot allow Donald J. Trump to win re-election.  This November vote blue no matter who.

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