Social Distancing Is Working – In Chicagoland

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We have all been told to practice social distancing to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading. Cook County Illinois had actually been given a rating of A+ for adhering to the rule. But I wanted to find out for myself. I had to go out today, but I checked in the DuPage area including Oak Brook (it’s closer to where I live). Again I was shocked at the amount of social responsibility being demonstrated. 

First I went to the Westchester Towers, which is in Cook County. This office building is ordinarily filled to capacity. As you can see the parking lot is barely 25% full. People are obviously telecommuting. 

Then I took a drive west on Cermak Road towards Oak Brook at around 1:30 PM. If you are familiar with this area, you know that during this time of day there is constant traffic. There are officially buildings, restaurants, parks, and everything else that you would expect in a high end suburb. Again, this area is almost completely empty. 

So I decided to drive past the Oak Brook Mall. Surely there are still people shopping. The area around this mail is always busy from the time the mall opens until it closes. You can see from the pictures below that no one is shopping. All the parking lots are 100% empty. 

No one is at the restaurants either. There is actually a cement mixer in the parking lot of Cheesecake Factory.  Seasons 52 had a sign for carry-out only. Pinstripes, another great local place to hang out, bowl, play bocce ball, or have a great meal is completely closed. 

So we’re doing a great job with social distancing. I just hope enough of these businesses are still around when we get to the other side of this dystopian nightmare. 


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