A Day In the Life Of Coronavirus

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On Wednesday I started my day as I normally do. I get up and check my personal and work email. I go to the living room and turn on the television to the national news so I can get the daily update about what is going on with the Coronavirus. I grab a piece of fruit, and set it aside as I head to the bathroom.

I immediately noticed that I was using the last paper towel. No problem. I’ll grab some more after I use the bathroom. Whoa. The toilet paper is getting low. Costco opens at ten, so I’ll head out there around a quarter to ten. I pull into the parking lot and I’m pleasantly surprised that it isn’t packed to capacity as usual.

So I grab my face mask, and instead of gloves I opt for tissue to avoid cross contamination. 


Immediately I notice that the parking lot is set up for social distancing. The line is forming in the parking lot, and people are lining up and maintaining their six feet from each other. Most of the people are wearing gloves, or a mask, or both. 

Costco had their line snake around the side of the store before they allowed groups of ten customers in the store at a time. They even had a speaker playing at the entrance to the store that repeats the CDC’s guidance on social distancing. 

Again everyone in the store did an excellent job of maintaining their distance from each other. I only saw about 20% of people who weren’t wearing a mask nor gloves. 

It was a dystopian site for sure. If you have to go out, please follow the recommendations to protect yourself, your family, and others. 


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