Should Joe Biden Pick Stacey Abrams? I Say No.

Special news coverage and analysis on The Buchanan and Seaton Show w/ @davidaseaton and live streams on WVON or WVON 1690AM on iHeartRadio Friday at 9pm – midnight Central

Here is the first Buchanan and Seaton Show’s midweek vlog discussion of whether Stacey Abrams is a good selection for the vice presidential slot for the Democratic Party.

Should Joe Biden select Stacey Abrams?  Share your thoughts.

One thought on “Should Joe Biden Pick Stacey Abrams? I Say No.

  1. I think it would have been better to focus on how Stacy Abrams could or could not benefit Biden rather than harping on her not winning her run for Georgia State Governor. That’s even debatable if she really lost or the election was stolen. What I did like is that you both brought up other comparable candidates. But again, why them versus Stacy? You touched on Kamala and why a supporter / soro of hers talked about misogyny. I personally think that is more relevant to why Stacy Abram or any woman is a difficult consideration to be made by Democrats for a VP elect. Democrats keep trying to play by old school rules to beat a party who literally elected in a person with ZERO political experience. Why do democrats keep harping about rules like experience when it’s clear the Republicans aren’t playing by any but their own? So focusing on Stacy’s experience is almost irrelevant compared to the fact that she’s a woman. A Black woman at that. Unfortunately no woman will work as a VP because in both parties misogyny is an ice cold pimp and both parties are it’s Ho’s(Whores). 😏 Both parties (Democrats and Republicans) will sell themselves out to please men in politics. Even Palin was an automatic fail for McCain, before she opened up her mouth and we realized she was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, because she was a woman VP elect. If smarts were her ONLY down fall, Republicans wouldn’t have elected Trump. Clearly he was elected because he urinates standing up. And that’s the main fundamental reason why Abrams and any woman will be a fail for Biden to pick as a VP elect. I call it the Squatting While Peeing effect.


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