I Said I Wouldn’t Debate Trump Supporters: Here’s Why

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Back on April 17 I wrote a piece entitled I Am Not Debating Trump Supporters Anymore: And Neither Should You. It was one of my most read posts since starting Seaton Speaks. I detail an experience that I had with a Trump supporter on social media.  I encourage you to read the article. If you have had a similar experience, please leave a comment on this article. 


I must admit to you that I didn’t keep my word. As you notice at the beginning of each post, I write about The Buchanan and Seaton Show where I am the co-host. On Friday July 17, we had a conversation about reparations. It was a fascinating two-hour conversation. 

In the third hour of the show, we began to discuss how it would be more beneficial to achieve the goal of reparations with a Democratic president. This is based less on political party, and based more on the ideology of being either conservative or progressive. If you’re conservative, you want to maintain the status quo. If you’re progressive, you will be open to the change that reparations represents.

Based on that fact, and that we have a presidential election approaching in three-and-a-half months, we asked for any Trump supporters to call in and explain why they support him. We had a caller named Reggie who called in to answer the question. He began by saying that he would never vote for Joe Biden, but it didn’t stop there. 

You can listen to the thirteen minute conversation here. 

I didn’t keep my word about not debating Trump supporters, but I’m glad that I had the experience. It reaffirmed everything that I wrote back in April. There really is little gained by having conversations with individuals who are so beholden to their allegiance. In the face of logic, their responses are devoid of reason. The definition of a facepalm with Patrick Stewart rubbing his forehead is so perfect after having this conversation with Reggie.

Maybe, just maybe there is a Trump supporter out there who can articulate a logical argument about why they support Trump: one that is free from emotion and consistent.

In the meantime take a moment and follow Seaton Speaks so you will be notified automatically on Wednesday for our examination of reparations. We will answer if, why, and how reparations should be implemented.

What do you think? Are you a Trump supporter? Do you believe that he has been good for America and the world? Why? Do we need a change?

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