The Solution To Black Male Low Graduation Rate In America

Special news coverage and analysis on The Buchanan and Seaton Show w/ @davidaseaton and live streams on WVON or WVON 1690AM on iHeartRadio Friday at 9pm – midnight Central

On November 20, 2020 The Buchanan and Seaton Show interviewed Dr. Marck Abraham. Dr. Marck Abraham is a transformational leader with a wealth of experience in urban education. He is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that ensures all students achieve their goals of post-secondary college and fulfilling careers. His mission has been to create environments that assist students to reach their maximum potential in life. Also, you can book Dr. Abraham for speaking events, learn more about his transformational program, and much more by visiting his website at MEA Consultants LLC.

Dr. Marck Abraham Part 1
Dr. Marck Abraham Part 2

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