Bernie Sanders 2020?

I am a political junkie. When I work from home, I have news programs playing in the background. I consume political points of view from the left and the right. I am actually the co-host of a political radio show that airs on Fridays on WVON 1690 AM from 9:00 – midnight with my life long friend who is also a political junkie, Atiba Buchanan. You can listen to the show on iHeartRadio or here.  Atiba is absolutely a die-hard tried-and-true Bernie bro.  His political ideology is easily far left. I am on the other hand more centrist.  That said you can follow us on Twitter here.

I have never signed up for or worked on a political campaign. I have never given money or shared my personal information other than my email address. Which is why I was so surprised when I received this text yesterday. 

The link sent me to this page.

Bernie Sanders was in second place in Iowa and first place in New Hampshire. He has about 25% support among the Democratic electorate. His supporters are extremely enthusiastic. On January 31 I appeared on the Ben Joravsky Show and debated a Bernie Bro. And I will state here what I started then. 

Bernie Sanders cannot win. He cannot beat Trump. This is a simple function of emotion. Trump has capitalized on the emotion of fear and a Sanders Democratic Presidential nominee would give Trump an unlimited amount of ammunition. You think the political death by a thousand cuts that Trump unleashed on Hillary Clinton during the the 2016 election was something?

Wait until the Trump campaign has ads running on an endless loop calling Sanders a communist. Wait until Trump ads are running in middle America scaring voters by telling them that Sanders is going to take away their healthcare.  Then if Trump wins, he’ll move forward with eliminating pre-existing conditions and tell voters it would have been worse under Bernie. And people will believe him. Oh and your taxes? They are going up to 90%! Remember Bernie is a communist. Trump will prevaricate about a Sanders presidency taking away your guns, taking away your religious freedom, and will have abortions on demand in mobile abortion facilities funded by Planned Parenthood.  He will warn that your 401k is going to go to 0. In fact it might be negative. You will have to send Fidelity a check. Remember Bernie is a communist. The America that you once knew and loved will be an unrecognizable dystopian wasteland. Do you want to avoid this hellscape? Keep America great again by voting Trump 2020. 

Now none of these things are true. Most of these examples are ones Trump had already trotted out. But if we are going to remove Trump this November, we have to pick the candidate who we know is not going to alienate more voters than he attracts. And that’s what this boils down to. It’s great if you support Bernie Sanders. It’s great if you support Medicare for all. It’s absolutely great if you support a wealth tax. I think that many of the policy positions that Bernie Sanders supports are the best choices for the future of our country. But I am not the average American voter and I have to admit that. At the end of the day there are 320 million Americans in this country. We cannot allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

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