Time To End Immunity?

Here he goes again.  If you ever wanted to peer into the mind of a megalomaniac, then read today’s post published at The Hill discussing whether Trump will sue over the Mueller investigation.  Robert Mueller was appointed by the then acting Director of the FBI Rod Rosenstein to oversee the previously confirmed investigation that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election.

What makes this so preposterous is that prosecutors have prosecutorial immunity from civil prosecution.  Now I will be the first to state that minorities are often times mistreated in our criminal justice system.  Prosecutorial immunity prevents defendants from holding prosecutors accountable when they abuse their power. The Marshall Project has an excellent article on the subject here.  However, Trump loves to take advantage of the law.  He said as much here about his history of bankruptcies.

Now he wants to sue Robert Mueller because according to him it was a hoax, a scam, a witch hunt.  He said as much on his infamous twitter feed.


Maybe Trump has a point.  Not about the Mueller investigation being a hoax.  He might have a point that we should address the fact the unscrupulous prosecutors can destroy people’s lives.  We should remove the immunity that they use as a shield against being held to account by the people of the United States.  I agree.

Wait, what?  I agree with Trump?  Yes I do. He is exactly right.  Immunity should not be a legal shield that government officials can use to hide behind when a legal case is filed against them to expose their malfeasance.  Trump is absolutely 100% correct.

So in the sexual harassment case filed by former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos against Donald Trump that you can read more about in Vanity Fair, Donald Trump will immediately drop his defense of presidential immunity.  Trump will instruct his lawyers to stop arguing in court that as president that he cannot even be investigated as reported by the NY Times.  Trump will immediately end his litigious assertion that as president he has absolute immunity from prosecution as report by The Atlantic.  E. Jean Carroll is suing to get a DNA sample from Trump so that it can be matched to unidentified male genetic material in skin cells on a dress that Carroll says that she was wearing in the 1990s when Trump allegedly raped her in Manhattan department store dressing room.  What are Trump’s attorneys arguing? An incumbent president cannot be sued in state court. Translation? Immunity.

So I 100% agree that the immunity that we as a society grant to federal employees is an anachronism that needs to be abolished immediately.  No one is above the law, not prosecutors, senators, congressmen, priests, and most of all presidents. We are behind you DJT.  We will remove the immunity of every prosecutor who you want to be investigated, and begin proceedings against them immediately. 

You first.

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