Super Tuesday: Is Bernie Sanders Done?

I asked a question in my post about Joe Biden’s win South Carolina. Will Joe Biden’s momentum that he gained in the South Carolina primary carry into Super Tuesday? That question has been asked and answered, and the answer is a resounding yes. 

Biden comes out of Super Tuesday with nine states won, and getting delegates in California having crossed the 15% threshold  Biden even won in Minnesota (Klobuchar’s state) and in Massachusetts (Warren’s state). Just a week ago Biden’s campaign was counted all but done. South Carolina was more than his firewall, it seems to have been a catalyst.  Joe Biden even won Texas. 

So we are down to five candidates: Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, Warren, and Gabbard.  Bloomberg and Gabbard won the delegates from American Samoa, but didn’t place anywhere else except for the few states where Bloomberg placed third with a few delegates. 

Warren is probably going to stay in the race because she still has some money, but doing so is going to severely damage her brand. Gabbard will continue to get less than 1% and complain that she’s not allowed to participate in the debates.  If they value their reputations, they should suspend this week. 

That leaves Biden, Sanders, and Bloomberg. Bloomberg can remain in the race because of his wealth and continue to self fund. Perhaps he can take his delegates to the convention and put either Biden or Sanders over the top if neither Biden or Sanders have 50% + 1 at the convention. But there is an outcome that is more likely to happen. 

Biden is going to win because he can beat Trump. Biden won Virginia with only one campaign office in the whole state. Think about that. This is going to come down to name recognition and momentum. Sanders has deep support, but it is narrow. Biden has deep and wide support, and that was proven again tonight. 

The other Sanders narrative has failed. The entire premise for his candidacy is that he was going to bring in new voters. So much so that it would overwhelm Trump and the Republican party. His promise had not held true during the primaries, so how can we believe that it will magically happen in November?

If the Democratic party is going to make a strategic decision about the best candidate to beat Trump in November, they have to move forward with Biden. And as of Super Tuesday, the majority of voters agree. 

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