The Olive Terrace Bar and Grill

I was recently in Valencia, CA for a couple of days and discovered a true find for casual dining: The Olive Terrace Bar and Grill. It is nestled in a small strip mall in Santa Clarita. The weather was a perfect 81 degrees and this dining location completed the afternoon. 

You can dine inside or alfresco. The restaurant is beautiful adorned from the tables, to the bar, to the decor, to the exceptional wait staff. Everyone had a smile and an upbeat attitude. I guess 81 degrees in March helps. 

This is the perfect location for a small group of two or three, or a slightly larger party in the party room off of the main dining room.  You will love the eclectic decor from the overstocked bar to the abstract pictures of Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin. 

I had the chicken piccata and it was delicious. One in our party had a chopped salad that she enjoyed immensely. But the stars of the meal were my roasted butternut squash soup and the watermelon salad. 

The soup was accompanied by crackers, but this is definitely a filling delicious appetizer. You might not see it from the picture, but trust me you want to try this. 


Then the watermelon salad. We expected small flecks of watermelon with more seeds than fruit. Imagine our surprise when this arrived. 


Absolutely stunning and as flavorful as it was picturesque. I mean this salad is almost too beautiful to eat. This is the experience that you can expect here. 

So do yourself a favor the next time you are in the Santa Clarita area. Stop by for a drink, a salad, a light meal, or just sit outside and take in the beautiful surroundings. Every sense will be tantalized at this the gem of Santa Clarita. 

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