The Buchanan and Seaton Show’s Interview with Tiffany Cross

Special news coverage and analysis on The Buchanan and Seaton Show w/ @davidaseaton and live streams on WVON or WVON 1690AM on iHeartRadio Friday at 9pm – midnight Central

On July 31, The Buchanan and Seaton Show interviewed Tiffany D. Cross author of Say It Louder! Ms. Cross is a brilliant political pundit who is a regular guest on MSNBC and CNN. Her book is fascinating. Our interview centered on her opinions about Joe Biden’s selection of a African American female vice presidential candidate, her latest guest hosting of AM Joy on MSNBC, and several other scintillating topics. 

You can hear the entire interview here.

Finally, buy her book! Say It Louder! is an engaging story about Tiffany’s journey from her youth to where she is today professionally, and it is an inspiration to any and all African American youth about the endless possibilities that one can realize when they are tenacious and talented.


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