Trump might refuse to leave office if he loses. What?

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On July 22 The Washington Post published the column Trump’s assault on election integrity forces a question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss? I can scarcely contain my befuddlement that this is a serious conversation. 

According to the same article this year, the president has attacked the security of voting by mail at least 50 times, according to a tally by The Washington Post, repeatedly making unfounded claims that it will lead to rampant fraud. 

The president’s allies say they can envision this year’s election ending in the kind of protracted legal fight that played out 20 years ago. Remember in 2016 Trump said, “I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win,” at a rally in Delaware, Ohio.

Back on February 17 of this year I wrote one of my first blog posts: The Peaceful Transition Of Power Is In Danger. The last paragraph I wrote in that post was as follows: So the question that we need to ask ourselves is what if?  What if Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House? What if after his refusal the Republicans in Congress refuse to make Trump leave?  What if Trump decides to remain in the White House and the Democrats in Congress sue all the way up to the Supreme Court? And what if the Supreme Court rules in Trump’s favor?  The most important failure that aided Trump’s ascendancy into the presidency was our failure of imagination. So I ask again. What if?

Let me state this again. I wrote this over five months ago. I wrote this before Covid-19 began consuming the world, before we lost 50M jobs, before the United States had four million cases, and before over 160,000 Americans were dead. This was before Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee, and before Joe Biden began polling more than an average of ten points ahead of Trump both nationally and in the swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

This was before Trump dispatched unidentified and unidentifiable troops to Portland, OR to randomly arrest legally protected protesters without violation of law under the guise of law and order. Additionally, Trump is threatening to replicate this unconstitutional unlawful exercise in Chicago and Albuquerque within the week. Trump is doing this while confidence in him is polling as low as 36%. 

And what are Republicans doing? Where are the pretend patriots of our hallowed Constitution while it is trodden underfoot by the menace in chief? The Supreme Court just recently ruled in the case of Trump’s tax returns and refusal to furnish them to a New York grand jury that he must because “no man is above the law, even the president”.

I submit to you that this is where our conundrum begins. This statement should not read, “no man is above the law, even the president”. It should read, “no man is above the law, especially the president”. 

Where are all of the second amendment patriots who pledge that their guns will have to be pried from their cold dead hands? The patriots who called President Obama a dictator? Those who have lauded the Constitution second only to the Bible. What happened to this country that we are seriously having a conversation about one man turning our entire country on its head? Are we going to allow this spoiled dilettante of a failed real estate scion turned reality television faded-star, grifting, constitutionally ignorant, petulant man-child, destroy this country that is holding on by the thread of thinly veiled norms and practices?

One man. One man can change the world for the better. Think of Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or Abraham Lincoln. These men with their devout commitment to their fellow man influenced their respective generations and are revered in history.

One can also change the world for the worse. Think of Joseph Stalin, Aldolf Hitler, or Napoleon Bonaparte. History remembers these men as villains not only to their respective countries, but to the known world in the times in which they lived. 

Are we going to allow Donald Trump to besmirch the United States of America in the annals of history? Will history remember Trump’s fantastic failings or will they remember a citizenry that was lulled into slumber by the maniacal machinations of a madman?

We must remember in this moment that only our acquiesce can allow Trump to become the victor. We must in an overwhelmingly collective voice scream onto the pages of the future history yet to be written that we rejected this would be tyrant. And once he is gone we must make an example of him and all who subverted our liberties and their sworn oaths. The men who placed their fealty to a benighted buffoon over the wrath of the American people is demonstrative of our apathy.

This November if Joe Biden wins, we must let Trump, Bill Barr, the Republican Congress, and the Supreme Court know in no uncertain terms that we have spoken and our will will be obeyed. We must not relent in this the darkest hour of our fragile democracy. We must defeat Donald Trump.

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