President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris

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Today November 7, 2020 at 11:30 AM it is official.  Joseph Biden is the President-elect of the United States of America and Kamala Harris is the vice president-elect.

The emotion pouring out in the country is palpable because people are tired.  People are tired of the daily tweets from a narcissistic megalomaniac.  People are tired of the division and divisive language every single day.  Not that there was not division in this country before Donald Trump, but Trump has seemed to have a perverse pleasure in prying open the divisions that already existed for the sake of doing so.

Trump sought every division and magnified it.  Immigrant, Muslims, LGBTQ, African Americans, Latinos, liberals and Democrats, women, people in his administration, and world leaders.  No one has been spared Trump’s verbal attack.  All the while he has prevaricated about any and everything from the small and the insignificant to the important and significant.

Lest we forget that we have upwards of 250,000 dead Americans from Covid-19.  Dead Americans who Trump has all but forgotten.  In fact, he has encouraged us to forget them in the throws of his election.  Trump has only been concerned about himself.  My election, my generals, my people, my administration, my, my, my.

And now Joe Biden.  A man who has served in our government for decades, so he understands the levers that need to be pulled when he needs to get things accomplished.  He served eight years under President Barack Obama, so he understands the weight of the office and the operations of the executive branch.

The entire world is going to support America and our inclusive goals of progress.  We will rejoin the global community with a renewed sense of purpose and momentum.  The executive branch will represent a new paradigm shift in our Republic with the addition of a multi-racial woman in Kamala Harris.  Gone are the days of a monoracial executive branch that leads our country.  This next iteration of government will be a racial mosaic that mirrors the American people.

While we turn the page, we must remember an especially important fact.  Trump received approximately sixty-three million votes in 2016, but as of today he has received just north of seventy million votes in 2020.  Seven million more people voted for Trump in this cycle.  And while Biden will have received more than ten million more votes that Clinton did in 2016 this remains an area of concern.  I recorded a Trump Caravan in Illinois earlier this week on the Sunday before the election that shows the ubiquity of Trump’s support in a blue state.

Our country is more than divided.  Our country is looking at the same events and are coming to opposite conclusions based on our political ideology.  I would like to think that if I were a different person that I would still see Trump the same way, but that is not the case.  Perception is reality.  Perception causes two people to watch the same event and recall them in completely different ways. 

My greatest fear is that no matter what is accomplished by a Biden/Harris administration, no matter how well the economy improves, Covid-19 is managed better, the rhetoric decreases, our perception around the globe improves, or any other KPI improves, we will find ourselves in this same place in 2024 again.  Anyone who remembers the presidential election in 2008 remembers Sarah Palin.  She was the first Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is Sarah Palin 2.0.  I am fearful of what a Donald Trump 2.0 portends for the future of our country and the world. 

That said let us take a moment to relax and be hopeful.  Donald Trump is a one term president.  In this we should be grateful.  Once again, the America people have risen to the task and shown that they can be bullied but not broken.  The power of the vote once again has righted the ship.  Out 46th president is Joe Biden and our 46th vice president is Kamala Harris.  Today I am proud of America.

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