Just A Few Questions with Marc Sims

Marc Sims and I had a fascinating conversation about the state of America and more specifically black America. Do we need an intellectual renaissance? Do we need to recalibrate our expectations in the 21st century for employment? What are the solutions to recreating a 21st century America that serves the needs of all its people?

Marc and I made an honest attempt to define the problems, and an equally honest attempt at viable solutions that are applicable across the board. We start with the premise that urban and rural America have more in common than they believe. In the tradition of Fred Hampton, creating a coalition across race with people who have similar socio-economic status is a great place to start. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the links below and afterwards share your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s elevate the conversation together!

Marc Sims talks with David Seaton about raising the intellect of masses.

Raising the Intellect – Part 1

Raising the Intellect – Part 2

What are your suggestions to change and adapt with the realities in 21st century America?

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