Ben Joravsky Interview with David Seaton

Special news coverage and analysis on The Buchanan and Seaton Show w/ @davidaseaton and live streams on WVON or WVON 1690AM on iHeartRadio Friday at 9pm – midnight Central

Listen to a fascinating conversation about today’s issues facing America. Is it time for the Democratic party to cut ties with former president Bill Clinton? Is Donald Trump abusing his power over the U.S. Postal Service as he sees his chances for re-election slipping away? Is Kamala Harris the best choice for Biden’s VP selection?

And most importantly right now, has BLM in Chicago lost all credibility by supporting the recent riots in Chicago as reparations? There will be a further analysis of this here and this Friday, August 14 on The Buchanan and Seaton Show on 1690 AM at 9:00 PM.

Listen below and share this post. Most importantly if you enjoy this content, follow us to get the most up to date political analysis.

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