Trump Supporters In The Suburbs Of Chicago?

Today is Sunday, November 1, 2020.  I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL and Illinois is a reliably Democratic state.  If you travel about 60 miles south of Chicago past the city of Kankakee, except for a few college towns the rest of Illinois is Republican country. 

Illinois is steeped deeply in Covid-19.  In the past few days Governor Pritzker ordered closures of restaurants and bars again due to the rising Covid-19 cases.  As such my wife and I have been extremely careful about when we leave the house and where we go.  Gratefully we both work from home, so that has worked to our advantage.

Occasionally, we get stir crazy and need to get out of the house.  Today was one of those days.  We left the house today at around 3:30 PM just to take a drive, and what we saw absolutely surprised us beyond anything that we thought we would encounter today.  We saw a Donald Trump caravan!  Seriously!  Please watch the video here.

Remember we are in Illinois.  Illinois!  They were not going to a rally.  They did not have a destination.  These were Trump supporters who organized a caravan and drove around with their flags and honking their horns.  We followed them for two hours!

Donald Trump has ignited a degree of enthusiasm among his supporters that it reached the blue suburbs of Illinois.  Do not get me wrong.  I know that Trump supporters are everywhere, but I have never seen this level of support for someone as immoral as Donald Trump!

Does this portend bad things to come on election day?  Will we once again be surprised by his support and suffer through another four years of this man’s myriad machinations?  Some would be fine to live through any dystopian future that Trump would unleash.  I for one am hopeful that those with whom I am like minded will see through his prevarications and vote blue no matter who.  But I must be honest.  Today made me nervous.

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